Lego Ninjago

Another year, another request for a Lego cake. This time Aidan wanted a Ninjago themed cake. After a few tense moments including the phrase “Oh, have you already ordered it?” I resorted to Google for inspiration. I eventually determined on a square cake topped with a circle. The top layer was to be a Lego Ninjago head and the whole thing would be guarded by the Ninjas, not forgetting Sensei Wu.

I started with the Lego figures, wanting to give them enough time to dry out (more on that later). i made them to scale so they were fiddly to make, particularly the hands, but edible glue was very helpful for sticking things together without having to squash them too much. I used a combination of icing pens and edible silver lustre with a very fine brush for the details and I was pleased with the result (although apparently it didn’t look like Jay’s face).


Onto the main part of the cake. This was a simple sponge mix in a 7″ square tin for the base layer and a 6″ round for the top sandwiched with buttercream and strawberry jam and covered in a buttercream crumb coat. The bottom layer was covered in white fondant with circular emblems of each element (I am very briefly an expert on Ninjago) on each side. The top layer was first covered in yellow fondant (sides only) and then wrapped in green forming the ninja mask. Lloyd (the green ninja’s) eyes were then painted on with black food colour.

Assembling the cake was a mixture of highs and lows. I was pleased with the positioning of the figures, Sensei Wu and Lloyd stood on top with the other four ninjas* on guard at the four corners (I should mention that Jay’s eyebrows had by now been thickened and pronounced suitable). I used the Lego mould I bought last year to make a few Lego bricks in appropriate colours and placed them on top, just to reinforce the theme.


Now for the lows. You remember I mentioned letting the figures dry out? I then put them on a freshly iced cake and put it in an airtight container. Fool! I took the lid off in the morning of the party to add the candle only to discover that the figures had absorbed moisture from the icing and gone all droopy. Jay had hurled himself into the abyss although this may actually have been a reaction to the unsuitable eyebrows. It was all more or less cobbled together with more edible glue but it’s a big lesson for next time. Either be less organised so nothing gets made in advance or assemble nothing until the last moment. Oh, and invest in a non airtight cake cover.

Final verdict? A bit wobbly but it went down well. We’ll gloss over the fight over who got which ninja in their party bag…


*Kai, Cole, Zane and Jay. I see no reason why you shouldn’t have this knowledge inflicted on you as well.


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