Ninja Turtle

Aidan’s first cake this year and I went for simple again, mostly due to lack of time. He has recently acquired a TMNT fancy dress outfit as well as a love of ninj-ing so I decided to go for a turtle based on the mask which goes with his costume.

Helpfully Sainsburys sell pre coloured fondant in just the right shade of green and with the mask to use for inspiration it was a relatively simple process. I started with an 8″ round sponge and trimmed the sides to make the face shape. The offcuts were used to buildup the jaw to give the cake a 3D feel. It was sandwiched together with buttercream and jam and the extra bits stuck on before covering the whole thing in a soft buttercream crumb coat.

The decoration was quite simple. A layer of green icing all over. The mouth was cut from white icing with a craft knife. Likewise the mask from red icing. Eyeholes were cut from the mask and the offcuts used to cut eye shapes from the white. Once it was all stuck together there was just a small amount of detail to be added with icing pens. All in all, an unusually smooth process!



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