Superhero Fairycakes

I don’t usually bother with tricky fondant icing for fairy cakes but when school announced a cake sale I thought I’d go for a repeat performance of the cakes I’d made for Aidan to take to Tumbletots on his birthday (pic shoehorned into Ben 10). This was mostly an experiment in a. cutting an intricate shape as I swapped Superman for Batman mostly to avoid the sticky gooiness of writing icing and b. a different colour web for Spiderman. Results are mixed:


The webs are OK (they look better in real life than in the photo) but I do prefer the sparkly silver. The main advantage of using black was that for some reason it came out of the tube with a finer line so the webs are neater. The bats were hard work. Individually they look OK but when they’re all lined up like this you can see how much they vary. The main thing I must remember for next time is use card for a template! Paper is just too flimsy and seems to allow the icing to stretch too much. Still, I think they are recognisable enough to appeal to the scavenging hordes of 4-11 year olds who will be let loose with pocket money tomorrow.


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