Aidan has asked for a Superman cake for his party, not surprisingly given his current obsession with Superheroes. “Great” I thought “Round cake. Blue icing. Badge, belt and cape. Job’s a good ‘un”. No. That has been entirely vetoed by small boy who wants actual Superman on his cake. The saving grace is that he doesn’t care about it being 3D so I’ve found a reasonably simple picture (on a learning to draw superheroes website*) to make a template. Superman will soar above Metropolis in cake form!
how-to-draw-superman_1_000000000118_5 (197x200)
The cake was a chocolate banana cake which domed badly (note to self: next time try reducing the temperature) but rather than flatten it I left it as I hoped the extra height would add to the illusion of flying. Having covered it in blue fondant icing I moved onto Metropolis. Aidan liked a cake we found using GIS which had houses around the side but I decided we needed a whole cityscape cut out of strips of black fondant to be stuck round the sides of the cake. It would probably have been better cut with a proper craft knife (something else for the shopping list) but it’s OK. Section 1 (it had to be done in sections or it was too fragile to handle):


Cutting round the Superman template would also have been easier with a proper knife, especially his badge but I like the overall effect and yes, he is off centre on purpose. I actually remembered to leave space for a candle.





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